Saturday, January 5, 2013


A lovely kitchen bench vignette created by Alice Flynn,
 owner of Penny Farthing Design House

Creating a vignette is one of the easiest things you can do to add some of your own personal style to your home.  A vignette could consist of a collection of both everyday and or special treasures. You could use photos, ceramics, jewellery, books, glass bottles/vases, flowers/plants, candles just to name a few. 

I love to change mine regularly, even if it's just to replace or remove one item or add some flowers or foliage from my garden.  More often than not, I use trays to display my treasures and I'm also quite partial to popping all manner of things under a glass dome or two. I have vignettes on my coffee table, hall table, bedside tables, kitchen counter, bookcases, mantles, dining table and bathroom... 
( Ummm, yeah so I've just realised whilst typing that there is not a vignette free surface in my house!)  
These lotions and potions with a few other bits
and pieces thrown into the mix look lovely
clustered on a tray on top of the toilet

A vignette sitting on top of an extractor
fan in the kitchen
This rustic mantle piece looks ace with a
collection of vintage items

I'm sure many of you are as obsessed with Instagram as I am. 
Coincidentally, there is a 'vignette challenge' being run by the very successful blogger Jen Bishop of The Interiors Addict on Instagram, starting today. Check out the guidelines here 

As I am away on holiday again tomorrow, the challenge is going to be a little difficult for me to complete. I couldn't help myself today though and had a quick throw together for the 'day one' vignette which has a focus on nature. 

Judging the competition is Kara Rosenlund who is an incredible stylist and owner of 'Travelling Wares' caravan pop up shop and is also online. Check out more information on Kara here

A vignette by Kara via The Interiors Addict
Kara's description of a vignette via The Interiors Addict

 “A vignette to me is essentially a unique visual short story,” she said. “It’s told through using an arrangement of smaller objects gathered together to tell a tale that is only yours. It can be as simple or as grand as you like; a pile of seashells in different sizes gathered from a distant seaside trip laid out on a shelf, to a Metro ticket, a small plastic tacky Eiffel Tower and a Champagne cork from Paris treasured as souvenirs on a mantle.”

A kitchen bench vignette in my last home

Eclectic vignette sporting some glass domes which
are a great way to 'highlight special items

Loving the Hermes Tray

Source for all images here and here


  1. Happy New Year Talia! I love vignettes. Yours are amazing - both the kitchen one and the nature inspired instagram - very cool. Enjoy your holiday! x

  2. Thanks Michelle and Happy New Year to you and your fam x

  3. I have been writing on my blog that I want to learn more about styling so this post is perfect. I have lovely bits and bobs but am just no good at getting them to look good! If I was in the same town as you I would ask you to give me styling lesson. Love your style and your store looks amazing!

    1. Cool, thanks Eva! We have a styling section on our website that is launching in two weeks so you should check it out. We explain on the site that you can email photographs of different rooms in your home and we give you styling and interior design advice in both visual and written formats. Cheers x


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