Sunday, February 10, 2013

Colour inspiration: Yellow, Caramel, Black & Gold

All products featured above are from MintSix

Moroccan Pouffes in caramel with white stitching, black with white stitching, gold and yellow all $199 NZD.

Small Yellow Bamileke Juju Hat,  $399 NZD

Black and Gold Zig-Zag Cushion $59.95 NZD
After receiving another shipment of our beloved Moroccan Pouffes, I stacked a few up underneath our hanging butterfly cases and took a few shots for Instagram. By the way, if you are on Insta we would love you to follow us at

Because the pouffes and the butterflies were like a match made in heaven, I decided that I would put together some images that have similar tones. Some I've had floating around in folders on my computer, but in all honesty they mostly come from Pinterest (due to my addiction!)

I intended to send out this post yesterday after deciding that my colour inspired posts were going to be a regular Friday thing... It's now Saturday evening and I still haven't sent it. My only excuse it that the weather was amazing today and going to the beach just kind of happened :) 

Friday it will be from here on in. :)
 I would love a Børge Mogensen Spanish Chair (or two) The combination of the timber and caramel leather is so appealing. Not in my budget unfortunately, but I'll continue to dream.
Mark Tuckey
 pigeon hole bookcases stacked up like the above pic would also be welcomed...
Had to feature these Gold Disco Harem Pants by Free People that I absolutely love. This pair are sold out but a similar pair is still available, here

I so desperately want a pair of these Chloe Susanna Boots which are outrageously cool. I've obsessed over them for the better part of a year but they still don't seem to be in my wardrobe... Once again, it may have something to do with the small issue of my clothing budget which is fairly non-existent right now!

This Alexander Wang 'Rocco' Stud Bottom Bag had to be included, as it was given to me as a gift recently (whoop!)  
This Croc Quilt - Confetti Toucan by Kip & Co is an absolute winner.

The bedding in the top right pic along with the pillows and cushion cover down below, are designed by Rachel Castle of Castle and Things. I adore all of her artwork and textiles, she is one clever lady.

I'm always pinning clothing and interiors ideas for my girls and two of my favourite children's labels, Bobo Choses and Mini Rodini feature regularly on my Pinterest board for my girls.

This teepee would be loved by my two little ones, check out how it was made here

 I love the relaxed striped tee and yellow shorts combo being worn by Jule's, a hugely successful fashion blogger who I follow religiously. Check out her site, Sincerely, Jules

The black bikini is by Seafolly and the yellow dress/Alexander Wang Bag combo is being worn by another very successful fashion blogger, Jessica from Tuula Vintage.
I hope there was a picture or two that captured your attention as it did mine. Enjoy your weekend. Tx


  1. What a great post, just so much inspiration here! If i could pick two must haves I would go for the fab black and white cushion in the first picture and the onesie with lemons all over it for my little two year old, too cute!

    1. Thank you!!! The cushion will be on our website which is to be launched very soon,
      I also adore the lemon onesie and would love to buy their entire range for my girls, so many gorgeous pieces. x

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  3. I love this post! Such a gorgeous colour combo. I'm a big fan of black and white with pops of yellow and I'm always drawn to leopard prints!! x

    1. Thanks Michelle! Leopard prints always creep into the closets of all the girls in my house, just love a bit of leopard. Haven't managed to convert my husband however, will keep trying! x

  4. Thank you!! Will check out your blog this evening. Thanks for reading. x

  5. Just love this post. Stunning coloring and designs of pouffes.

    1. Thanks Daisy! We think our pouffes are pretty awesome too :) Cheers, Talia x


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