Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lighting on my mind

Having recently moved into our new home I am being faced with the many challenges that living in a old home presents. Needless to say, I have a fairly large 'to do' list. 

In Melbourne we lived in a townhouse and we were the first occupants after it was built. That made for pretty easy living. It had white walls, downlights throughout, a modern kitchen and bathroom (although fairly non-descript) and lots of storage. 

Our home is quite old (built in about 1938)therefore it does need a little work done... 

The list seems to grow each day, but some things are a higher priority that others, namely the kitchen. I don't quite know how to describe it, but what I can say is that it's a bit old school. Basically, it's a beige and melamine nightmare! Not in our budget right now unfortunately, so I'm currently  tackling the things that don't require throwing down too much coin. 

Lighting is a more low budget option, therefore it's going to be this months focus. There are so many amazing lights out there and I thought I would share a few options with you. 

Let me know if you have any favourites, I'd love to hear what you think. 

Kate Stokes Mr.Cooper (copper) pendant featured in both of the above pics. I keep pinning anything copper at the moment I seem to be a little obsessed.

An exposed bulb is a good option in many spaces in the home. This one is from House Doctor and has a more sophisticated look than the more playful coloured cord options.
These exposed bulbs look appealing in this industrial space and the use of different cord lengths and bulb sizes wrapped around a pipe have a pared-back asthetic.

Using a coloured cord is a great way to add a pop of colour to your space. I use mine draped across the ceiling and hanging down above my dining table. The E27 Socket Lamps by Mattias StÃ¥hlbom are a popular choice and come in a range of colourways.
These are available online in New Zealand at Douglas + Bec for $220  

 The Nud Collection is also a relatively inexpensive and fun option. Change up the cord colour, socket and bulb to suit your room aesthetic.
The name Tom Dixon is synonymous with attention-grabbing and cutting edge design. His lighting options come in a range of shapes and he uses materials in a myriad of ways.
I purchased one recently for my mum who wanted to make a bold statement over the dining table in her new build. Mum loves the way it adds some elegance and drama to her space and it has been at the forefront of many a dinner table conversation already! 

 I am so in love with this shop and everytime I'm in Sydney visiting my sister, a stop at Koskela is always on the cards. These pendants are called, Bye Bye Birdy and come in a variety of powder-coated colours. (How good are the chairs BTW? Amazing!)

The lighting choices made here by Hayley, the co-owner of Kip & Co, in my opinion make these rooms uber-cool. Yes, I love the rug, chairs and stool but it goes to show that bold lighting choices can give a room the extra edge it deserves.

I love this home and remember when I first saw it on the Design Files and got instant house envy! Matt and Jane Martino have made some superb light selections and have not been afraid to make a bold statement, using not one but two Tom Dixon copper pendants!

These pendants are from HK Living. HK Living is a home interior label founded and located in The Netherlands. They have a great selection of lighting options that always catch my eye. The three above are HK Living Industrial Pendant lamps.  

Stanley Brass Pendants look ace against the dark wall in this moody dining space.

These pendants are by Original BTC and are available through Dunlin Home in Australia. They are by far one of my favourites. The Stanley Pendant is available in Copper and Brass in either a smooth or slightly beaten finish.

Crown Rectangular, Stanley Copper and Titan Pendant Lights.           


  1. My fave - The HK Living pendants lights but do love those exposed light bulbs from Douglas + Bec also. I hear ya on the old house thing. Our house is very old too. I love a house with history and character but makes for very hard cleaning etc compared to new living. Hope you enjoyed a day off today. Amy x

  2. Cheers Amy! Love the character of an old house also but you're so right about the cleaning thing and it's not really one of my strengths!! x

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    1. Thanks for visiting! I love a good light!! Cheers, Talia

  4. Those ideas are lovely! But I think the lighting doesn’t have to be costly. There are some thrifty ways and alternatives on how you can achieve your preferred look, without hurting your pocket. Anyway, how did your little project go?

    Eleanor Roy @ Douthit Electrical


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