Monday, February 4, 2013

MintSix Cushion Line-up

This afternoon I took photos of a selection of our MintSix cushions. 

I must say, I'm loving them all lined up on my church pew in the lounge and even though there is a clash of colours and patterns they still look ace and add a good dose of colour to my space.

Our cushions are all handloomed in Uzbekistan and are a mix of silk and organic cotton.

We have two sizes available now and two more sizing options available soon.

 40 x 40cm RRP $59.95
 35 x 55cm lumbar(long) RRP $79.95

Email to purchase, or contact us through our facebook page here

Apple green and yellow Moroccan Pouffes are also available to purchase now at $199

Use two 40 x 40cm(small)cushions propped up against a larger cushion on your bed to add some colour to your bedroom. I am loving the combination of yellow and fuchsia in the cushions paired with the small sized yellow Juju Hat, which is available to purchase at MintSix for $399.
Go bold on your bed with a concoction of bright colours and varied shapes. The mixture of red, yellow, fuchsia, cobalt blue and emerald make a dramatic statement.

Don't be afraid to mix prints. Above, I have used a skinny zig-zag cushion and combined it with an apple green bird print. These chairs were upholstered a few years ago with 'cloudbird' fabric designed by one of my favourite textile designers,Heather Moore of Skinny laMinx. Head over here to check out her gorgeous designs.


  1. Wicked guys! Very inspired now to use my new orange MintSix cushions with other patterns and colours.. Amazing wedding present!

  2. Yay Tessy! They will look ace in your pad teamed with the white ceramic drum stool and Tangerine Pop Silk to keep them company! Enjoy xoxo

  3. Awesome team. They look great, truly beautiful. Prices are in NZD? XX

  4. Thanks! Yes prices listed are in NZD xx


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