Monday, April 1, 2013

Dress Your Walls

Hope you all had a great Easter break. This cool little picture by, was given to Ella as a gift for Christmas which she accidentally left up at our holiday home post Christmas hols. When she spotted it again this weekend, she started talking about framing it & putting it up in her home. The question was where & with what?
I've always loved this picture & I especially
like the placement of art and objects on the
three narrow shelves & old desk.
This prompted a good half hour chat about gallery walls & placement of art in general. The upshot of the conversation was that I tend to prefer a more random eclectic approach to placing art on the walls and Ella tends to be more calculated & structured. Both work when done well and we thought we'd show you examples of some that we think look pretty great.

These images demonstrate that different coloured frames in an ensemble of sizes along with different shapes and objects can look great clustered together.
I have a gallery wall in my hallway that has been a work in progress since we moved in a few months ago. It's an eclectic mix of framed prints, a watercolour, family photos, an old tin number and a Bonnie & Neil printed board ( I have a few of these & they seem to have spread to quite a few rooms in my home! I'm a massive fan of this talented duo who are originally from NZ, but  now based in Melbourne.) 

Artworks clustered above a desk, sideboard or bench look great paired with plants, books & decorative objects sitting underneath.

An example of extremely colourful art walls!
This little collection looks great with an Off-White Juju.
Purchase one of these beauties at MintSix :)

Love this one! The thin black frames and the similar spacing between the artworks make for a cohesive and bold art wall.

As I'm a serial mover of both furniture, decor and art and I would safely bet that my gallery wall will evolve and change numerous times before I'm completely happy with it. Also, we recently purchased an old piece of timber that I coerced my husband into stripping and sanding back to be used as an art shelf in our lounge. Here are examples below of how great shelves can look in a home. 

I'm also a huge fan of art placed haphazardly on the floor against walls. Although this has not gone down so well with two little ones in the house & this form of art arrangement will be on the back burner for just a little longer with my two running rather than walking through the house.
All image links can be found here

Hope you enjoyed these gallery wall pics. I think I'm going to to go and have another shuffle around in my hallway... Tx


  1. I'm completely obsessed with picture walls right now! I'm starting to plan one for the new house and I'm so inspired by the one by Line Klein (9th image down). I've started out with white frames, so I need to decided whether to continue down that path for a cohesive look or mix it up! x

    1. I agree, that's a brilliantly done picture wall, love it. I've done the mix it up thing thing quite a bit & think it may be time for a bit more of a cohesive look. I say that now, but then get completely carried away so it may be all talk! You'll be loving coming up with ideas for the interior of your new home, so exciting! x

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