Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blue + Yellow

Marie Nichols, a well known UK stylist often uses bold colours in her styling. How cool is the wall colour in this space!? The electric blue looks amazing paired with the pops of yellow (and the Juju hat looks pretty damn awesome too!) 
MintSix Off-White Juju
See more of Marie's work here

Blue comes in a diverse range of shades and I believe each of them can look great when used in the right amount in the right space. Pops of yellow in either a bright, punchy hue or a deeper more mustard colour work brilliantly with blue and these two colours make a great team.  

I haven't used blue much when decorating my own place, plenty of yellow but never blue. Recently I've painted the walls in my bedroom a dark blue and I'm pretty happy with the result. I've also found myself recommending plenty of blue fabrics, furnishings and homewares for MintSix clients of late, inspired by some of these images below and the great range of products available in New Zealand and beyond. 

Love this image, the black pendants look great hanging together as does the contrast of the yellow cord against the blue background. I'm also just quietly loving the gold side table in the foreground.
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1 2 3 4 5 6

This yellow iron bed made by Scout House, makes a statement against the dark blue wall. My daughter used to do ballet down the road from this cool little shop in St Kilda, Melbourne and it was always a good excuse for me to wander around and check out their eclectic range of wares.
These blue painted floorboards add to the relaxed beachy vibe in this home.
Image via Coastal Living
This Organic Ikat Chevron bedspread looks fab against the rich blue coloured wall. Purchase the bedlinen here

This chair and couch had to be included just because they are awesome. If only I could transport them both (plus the amazing wall the yellow chair is against)to my house!
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  1. Your colour posts are always so spot on Talia! What a gorgeous combo and so many scrummy products there - love them all! x

    1. Thanks Michelle, I always have great fun compiling these posts and so many great combos out there! x

  2. I'm having a blue period at the moment, especially rich cobalts and inky blues - yum! So much in your post I love, thos blue boots are amazing! x

  3. What an interesting color mix!

    I like the patterns and the parrot picture in the first pic. :-)


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