Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Interior Styling: Wallpaper for the Cool Kids

The pictures above showcase a longtime favourite wallpaper of mine. This paper been on my wishlist for my daughter's room for a while and now that we own rather than rent, it may be time to just do it... I think Della (pictured above) is one lucky girl having such a fun room. See more pictures of Della's room here.

This week, I've been sourcing wallpapers suitable for children's bedrooms for a MintSix client. 

Children's bedrooms are spaces where you can go a little crazy with styling & in my opinion, nothing beats a cool wallpaper. The overall feel you are trying to create in a child's bedroom will dictate the type of paper used. Whether it's an edgy, girly, quirky, bold, or themed look you're after, there is a wallpaper that can help to create that unique look in an instant.

Here are some of my picks. 

If you would like help with choosing some stylish & fun wallpapers or with the interior styling of your children's rooms, get in touch with us at, we'd love to help!
Ferm Living's harlequin wallpaper is a subtle yet stylish look for a little one's bedroom. It comes in three colours, mint, rose & grey. Head over to Rachelle's blog, Kenziepoo where you will see Kenzie's cool little room decked out with the mint coloured paper.
Dana Haim is an incredibly talented lady & every wallpaper she creates is just brilliant. Whimsical and playful...babies and wee ones will love these animal prints on their walls.See more of Dana's work here
 These wallpaper murals make for a creative statement wall to build a fun theme in a kids-zone.
For an older child....hone those important fine-motor and concentration skills with colour-in with a capital F!
Top right: this  square frame wallpaper is so interactive. We've just been reminded of this fun wallpaper after seeing it in one of our lovely client's home, where she is inviting her kids to get in and add their special mark to each frame.
 I'm loving this Doe a Deer Wallpaper by Tactile Wonderland and think it would certainly make a statement in a little one's bedroom!

Hope you enjoyed my selection of kid's room wallpapers. I'd love to hear what you think of them. Would you use any in your children's rooms? Tx
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  2. Gorgeous roundup of wallpapers Talia! I have no doubt your client will be thrilled with the outcome and that one for your daughter - wow - amazing! DO IT! x

  3. Cheers Michelle! I know, such an amazing wallpaper, I think I may just have to bite the bullet & fork out for it!! x

  4. Havent been over to your blog for a while. Actually havent been reading any blogs but so nice to come on here and see all of your beautiful posts. Love love love the wall papers. The Dana Haim ones are incredible. xxx

    1. Thanks Amy, nice to hear from you again! Dana Haim is a special talent isn't she, I would love to use one of her papers, they are so unique. x


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