Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's a White Out

 There's been a couple of weeks between colour posts and my only excuse is that I've been super flat out getting our website finished. It is, btw now online, so when you have a sec would love you to head over & check it out

Standard size MintSix Off-White Bamileke Feather Juju Hat available to pre-order now for delivery in approximately two weeks time. Only a few left so get in quick!

The last colour post was 'Black on Black' so it only seemed right that today's post has a white focus... Black & white are such a great team. I'm a huge fan of monochromatic interiors & definitely find I 'pin' a lot of them when browsing Pinterest. I'm sure many of you have a fair amount of both black & white in your wardrobes & homes, I know I do.

Hope you enjoy these collages as much as I enjoyed putting them together. 
I love the shape & the simplicity of these Carvaggio pendant lights. Unfortunately, they would massively break the bank especially if purchasing more than one, but they're very cool.

The white Moroccan pouffes have been so popular at MintSix, they've sold out! Don't despair though, more on the way soon & plenty of other colours available. Such as the black with white stitching & the B&W chequered pouffe which I figure half belong in today's post right?

The Brooklyn Tin Tiles wallpaper is one of the many awesome wallpapers I'm coveting right now, from one of my fave British shops, Rockett St George. If you haven't checked them out already, I suggest you do as they have some seriously cool stuff.
I love the open light feeling the white floorboards & walls create in this home above.

The neon light sign is by Penny Farthing Design House and the geometric salt & pepper shakers & Off-White Juju can be purchased at MintSix

I love coming across pictures of these tiled Swedish fireplaces that are called Kakelugn in Swedish. Check out some more images of these fireplaces here.

Also pictured above & on my wish list is a Simon James Boskke Sky Planter, a Douglas & Bec Angle Table Lamp 2.0 and an Urban Outfitters Milk Jug. 
How ridiculously good are these Lace Longhorns, by Love Warriors of Sweden?? I'm a little obsessed with everything they do, and I want, well, pretty much everything! Check out more of their wares here.

A little snapshot of some bits and bobs above, in Kara Rosenlund's stylish & relaxed white kitchen.

Have always coveted a Design house of Stockholm 'Carrie' basket not necessarily for my bike but for some indoor plants. These can be purchased at Top3 by design.
Miranda, Daria, Jessica (from Tuula Vintage) & Doutzen looking spectacular in their white get ups. 

Will save some images for another 'white' post as I could go on & on.... Have a great weekend :)

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  1. What a dreamy post, I love it all! Thanks to you guys I am also completely obsessed with Juju hats now too! I need to save up for one.. it's high on the wishlist! x

    1. Yuss! Love when others join us & become juju obsessed too! x

  2. Gorgeous post. My favourite colour in the world. Is it a colour? The white pouffe would sit perfectly in my guest room. Happy Monday. xxx

    1. Thanks! It's such a great colour isn't it & the white pouffe is also one of my faves. Have a great week x

  3. I'm with Michelle (and you), a definite Juju lover, they bring such amazing texture to a space. Love my Carrie bike basket - I bought it before I even had a bike. Now it looks perfect on my Electra Cruiser :) x

    1. Wow, very cool bike set up Vic, a perfect bike & basket combo x

  4. Brooklyn Tin Tiles are available too from The Inside (cheaper than in the U.K even)

    1. Thanks Rebekah. The Inside has loads of great papers, always nice when they're a good price too! Cheers for visiting our blog. :)


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