Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our Week In Pictures

We have been busy packing up orders, sourcing products for clients and getting some new and exciting stock ordered for MintSix. I'll give you an update on that soon... 

Back In Stock at MintSix:
New size (50cm/20inch) Cobalt Blue, Red, Green Multi-Coloured Ikat Cushion

Putty, Ochre & Aqua Multi-Coloured Ikat Cushion 40cm (16 inch)

Back in Stock are our Standard Sized Bamileke Juju Hats in Yellow, Black, Cobalt Blue, Fuchsia and Off-White

I love the way the owner of this home has used
 a standard sized off-white Juju Hat along side
 two circular mirrors in her new bathroom.

See more pictures of the bathroom here

B&W Moroccan Pouffe
Back in Stock 
Yellow Moroccan Pouffe
Back in Stock
Red Moroccan Pouffe
Back in Stock

Tan & White Moroccan Pouffe
Back in Stock

Also this week, I finally purchased a pot for my Fiddle Leaf Fig. Its temporary home had been inside a rubber storage bin from The Warehouse and it was wearing a little thin walking past that everyday. I managed to pick this one up at The Red Barn's Closing Down Sale for around $35. Love a bargain.

I was after something a little industrial and
rustic looking.

This was my 'pot inspiration' pic.

It's always a joy when these two mags arrive into my letterbox each month and these two issues were as usual full of goodness.

Last weekend our back room was painted in a teal
 colour similar to the one on this cover. I now
 need to do a second coat but seem to have
 run out of enthusiasm unfortunately...

Will post pics when I finally get around
 to finishing it!

I also discovered 'Christmas Cheer' growing in my garden and got a little over excited and filled every available vessel in my house (of which there are many!)

Hope you all have a great week. T


  1. The pot looks great! I''ve ordered a fiddle leaf for the new house, so I'll soon be on the hunt for a pot. Hoping to find a bargain too! The mags look great x

    1. Good one, you'll love it. I noticed today that one or two of the leaves are looking a bit dodgy on mine, so I need to pay it a little more attention I think! Good luck on the pot hunt. x


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