Friday, July 26, 2013

Interior Styling with Kilim Rugs

When our Vintage Anatolian Kilim rugs arrived last week my fondness for these crazy colourful rugs, with their bold geometric patterns and texture was well and truly cemented.

A kilim is a woven rug (flatweave) that is traditionally hand made in Anatolia, the Middle East and North Africa. A particular characteristic is that the surface of a kilim rug is identical on both sides.In a home such as mine with two small children, these rugs serve a dual purpose. Not only do they look amazing, they are also resistant to stains. Bonus. 

We love how kilim rugs can work in spaces that have vastly different interior styles. 
They look just as good in a more modern contemporary space as they do in an eclectic or more traditional setting.

Not only reserved for living rooms, these rugs can be used in bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, studys & bathrooms.

Anatolian kilims boast a wide range of patterns and styles. The knowledge of each pattern is transferred from generation to generation by Anatolian women.

Check out our last few kilim rugs online at MintSix

Ella's favourite the MintSix Kilim Rug 'Luca'

Love all the colours in this one! 
'Amelia' MintSix Kilim Rug photographed 
under my dining table.

The MintSix Kilim Rug 'Teddy' peeking out from under the bed. Also in these shots are an Off-White Juju Hat and Billy Heckenberg 'Texta One' Cushion. 

I just scored this cane headboard on Trade Me for a great price. Now the question is whether to get out my trusty spray gun or leave it be?? 

For now, I'm kinda liking the dark tones in the room & thinking maybe some inspiration will hit when the warmer months arrive and I feel the need to switch up the room again.

Enjoy the weekend. Tx
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