Thursday, September 5, 2013

Before + After | Sabi's Room

This room can go from tidy to shambolic in a matter of minutes! 

Yesterday Sabi and I gave it a bit of a going over and I'm pretty sure it will last until, umm, maybe the weekend if we're lucky.

Anyway, I thought I'd give you a quick 'before and after' as I've been meaning to do this for ages with some of the rooms we've done a little work on. 

 When we purchased this room had a bright lime green on the walls and this crazy bright colour seriously wanted to remain, as even after three coats of white I can still see it...

The next step was to sand and paint the floorboards white, which made the room instantly appear twice as big as it actually is. I then pilfered mum's leftover black & white wallpaper and put it up on the back wall. 

We had to hang curtains from another room in the house until our Luxaflex blinds arrive. I love these blinds, they not only help to insulate the room but are simple and non intrusive.

The bunk beds are from ikea and we purchased then when my eldest daughter was born and gave them an overhaul with a bit of paint. We painted over them with the leftover grey paint from our lounge room for Sabi which is Karen Walker Fuscous Grey.

Sabi loves her MintSix Moroccan pouffe (of course) and uses it as both a seat & table in her room. Currently on sale here
The rugs are from Urban Outfitters and they have free shipping to New Zealand for orders over $50. Gotta love that.

This little owl has also been around forever as was bought when Ellery was little. The picture in the background is of me when I was a youngster and as Sabi is a bit of an accessories queen (no idea where she gets that from?!) she has her sunnies at the ready.

Sabi's duvet is by Australian company Three Little Trees, zig-zig Ikat cushion by MintSix (also on sale at the moment here) and her favourite (grubby!) little softie.

This old bus scroll used to be in a bus in London and I scored it off Ebay about five years ago. The lamp and drawers are both old but still kicking, and were bought at ikea. The amber coloured glass vase is from Market Lane Coffee in Melbourne. It's the perfect shape for foliage and is probably one of my most frequently used pieces in the house.

The cockatoo is from Melbourne company Bonnie and Neil and is part of a dinner set. It gets whisked out of the girls rooms whenever we have a dinner party! The girl on the slide was a gift from Sabi's Aunty Brydie and is by UK street artist, Banksy.

These elephants are six years old, have been attached to that many walls in so many different rooms and still look like new.  Must be because they are from a good kiwi company, Sticky Tiki, keep up the good work I say!

The black sideboard was an eBay find a few years ago in Melbourne and travels to different rooms fairly frequently. The Wheelie Bug has been well used and can be purchased here

So that's Sabi's room makeover for now. I'm constantly moving things from room to room and changing things around, so it may look completely different next month! 
If you have any questions or would like some styling advice, email me at & follow my 'Little Ones' board on Pinterest.

By the way, you may notice my font is bigger. It looks huge here, but I think it may be easier to read so will leave it at this size for now.

Talia x


  1. Ahhhh great minds think alike. I am just doing up Frankies room. Black, white and pink.... with a wee hint of yellow. Love Sabis room. Lucky girl. Amy x

    1. Cheers! Love the colour combo you have planned for Frankie's room, will look ace x

  2. You've done an amazing makeover on this room!! I'm so glad my eldest son has agreed to black and white for his room .... perfect for adding pops of colour!! x

    1. Thanks Michelle! I'm with you, B&W is such a great base for boys & girls rooms. Looking forward to seeing updates on your boys rooms soon! xx

  3. Hi Talia, I saw your home in Homestyle magazine and it is very inspirational! Just wondered where you purchased your replica Arne Jacobsen dining chairs from? I am trying to find a NZ retailer but having no luck! Thanks. Georgina :)

    1. Cheers Georgina! I purchased my chairs from Matt Blatt in Aus. I had a quick look and couldn't see any in Nz either which is very strange as they're normally quite a popular replica to make. Here is one from Zuca that may a little similar? Cheers, Talia :)

  4. How did you paint the bed gray? Did you sand the wood and what type of paint did you use? Looks great!

  5. How did you paint the bed gray? Did you sand the wood and what type of paint did you use? Looks great!


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