Monday, July 21, 2014

Kitchen Renovation | Before & After

Renovating old villas is a seemingly never ending process. As much as I enjoy it, once you start you pretty much never stop. Ever. 
We're very lucky to have a second home at our parents place, as living amongst the dust, building materials and general chaos isn't all that fun!


Kitchen Moodboard

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When I started planning my kitchen I was always pretty set on having a mixture of black & white cabinetry & predominantly black fixtures & fittings. I knew having chosen a wooden benchtop that I would need a ceramic sink(for hot pans etc) and a black mixer. Here are some that I liked that are available either in NZ or Australia.

Print | Tolix stools | Subway tiles | Hobs & Extractor fan | Wall lights | Mixer | Sink
Seventy Tree prints & tray, Uashmama Bag, Ashley & Co Wash Up, Page Thirty Three Lightbox, Brita Sweden Rug & Nud Lights all from MintSix

We decided to rip up the old ceramic tiles for a couple of reasons. Number one, the floor was on a crazy slope and we hoped to level it out  and number two, the tiles were pretty old school. After my husband had spent a fair few painful hours on the pneumatic hammer and lifted the tiles, we then had to rip up a layer of vinyl, chipboard, and the final kicker was digging out a square section of concrete in the middle of the room. It was at this stage that my husband cursed me for wanting to dig up the floor!

After we replaced some dodgy joists, my husband and builder relined the walls, put in a dummy ceiling, replaced the window, put up all the new gib and then the electrician, plumber and plasterer did their thing.

When we ripped out the floor I was hoping to put in underfloor heating & top it with polished concrete. Unfortunately a serious chunk of the budget was spent under the floor which didn't leave a whole lot of money for the actual floor! 

We finally decided on painted plywood as it was a fairly inexpensive option that would still look good. It also meant that if it didn't work out we could always put another kind of flooring over it in due course.

Our kitchen is almost complete, we're still waiting on consent for a few minor things but we're basically there. 

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