Friday, August 15, 2014

Kitchen Styling | Marble

I've had a bit of an obsession with marble of late. My Interior Styling and Kitchen boards on Pinterest seem to be full of marble splashbacks and bench tops but mostly marble accessories such as boards, bowls & trays.

Marble boards, bowls and trays can be used all over the home. I was pretty keen on having just a small hit of marble in my new kitchen, therefore ordering some marble to stock at MintSix was a high priority.

Marble Basics is a design company run by two sisters, Bliss and Bonnie Adams. The sisters are inspired and driven by basic objects that can be used and appreciated in day to day use.

We are very excited about having a few of the different styles in store now, with more expected over the coming months.

Find our marble trivets in the Kitchen + Table section of our website

I love the combination of marble and wood together. Stack your marble trivet with your kitchen chopping boards, add a few potted herbs, wooden spoons or salt & peeper vessels in for an uncomplicated yet stylish look.