Thursday, May 28, 2015

Styling Shelves

Image via Amber Interiors.
There is probably a spot in your home that never looks quite right(if not then go you!) It might be an exposed shelf, sideboard, bedside or coffee table. That difficult spot for me is some pesky built in bookshelves in my lounge. 

Every once and a while I take the time to give it a 're-shuffle' (latest re-shuffle example above)but I'm never entirely happy with it. In my opinion shelves with an equal distance between each one are the hardest to decorate, therefore using the right variation of height, volume, texture and shape is crucial. 

These shelves demonstrate the right visual balance between objects & books with varied sizes, textures and colours. The owners have also used a few plants which are right up there on my list of all time favourite styling tools. 

Plants add some life to shelves with their wide variety of leaf shapes, sizes, textures and colours. On bookshelves I tend to use a trailing plant such as a hoya or string of pearls on at least one of the shelves as they help to pull each shelf together for a more cohesive look. 

 Incorporating some decorative objects worthy of putting on your shelves is a must to keep a bookcase interesting. Items that could be used when styling shelves are usually a mixture of artworks, boxes, containers, vases, jars, bottles, candles, bowls, baskets, personal keepsakes & collectables.

My tips for styling a bookshelf are:
  • Books: Try and mix up your book and magazine placement. Stack some and place the rest vertically.
  • Decorative Objects: Use objects that are varied in height, shape and size. If going for a paired back monochromatic look stick to the one colour.
  • Natural Element: This could be plants of various types or other organic materials such as feathers or antlers.
  • Artwork:Shelves are a great place to display prints or paintings. Prop them at the back of the shelf, in front of a pile of magazines or stack them in front of each other for a more casual look. 

If you need a little something to help spruce up your shelves, maybe one of these objects from MintSix would do the trick.

  1. Gold Metal Baskets
  2. Brass Canister
  3. 'You Can't Candle The Truth' Candle 
  4. Square Porcelain Pot 
  5. Wire Basket
  6. Copper Box with Marble Lid
  7. Piccolo Uashmama Bag
  8. Brass Candlestick Holders
  9. Copper Glass Box
  10. Concrete Cross Trivet

If you decide to give your shelf or shelves a new look at home then good luck and I hope some of this info helps. If you are struggling with your shelves or any other area of your home and would like some assistance, we offer a design service at MintSix. Email me at for more information.

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