Friday, May 13, 2016

Styling with Fur

The cooler months are approaching. Surprisingly, not as quickly as we might have expected with another 23 degree day here in Dunedin today! Any minute however I'm sure winter will arrive, and for me that means a few changes take place inside my home to give it a new look.

I tend to swap out cotton blankets or throws for some fluffy, soft furs which aid in making my home cozy and warm. 

One of my favourite places to put a fur or sheepskin is on the chairs around my dining table, on my desk chair, on the end of my bed or over a benchseat.

Furs can be found in a range of colours from blush pink to black and everything in between,  so you will be able to find one that ties in with the colours in your space.

Although the use of fur is normally associated with Scandinavian design, it is certainly not confined to that particular aesthetic as these images below demonstrate.

Check out our Mongolian Lambs Fur Rugs/Throws here. We currently have them in sand, as pictured above and navy. 
All images via Pinterest

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